In our lives at different times and within varied contexts we all experience and find ourselves in situations where our day to day strategies and support networks no longer help us to cope with the distress that we are experiencing. It is on these occasions that it might be useful to have a safe space to think and reflect alongside a supportive and experienced professional.

As a Chartered Counselling Psychologist I am experienced in facilitating individual’s journey towards empowerment where they draw on their own internal resources to cope and manage life’s difficult experiences. I offer a confidential, non-judgemental empathic environment for us to work together to explore and make sense of your difficulties and create a tool box of skills to help you to move to a less distressing place where you can begin to  life to its fullest.

This at times might involve understanding significant life experiences, exploring how our past experiences and relationships impact our current relationships, ways of thinking or learning and developing  skills, strategies and techniques to help you cope and manage your life. Trained in more than one therapeutic approach, I have the skills and the competence to tailor our sessions to meet your personal needs depending on the concerns you bring and the goals you wish to achieve within the therapeutic space and relationship.

​​Areas of Counselling I deal with

Child related issues
Chronic Fatigue
Cross cultural relationships
Domestic violence
Emotional abuse
Everyday struggles and stress
Family issues
Generalised anxiety disorder
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Low Mood
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Physical abuse
Physical Illness
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Post natal depression
Pregnancy and birth
Relationship difficulties
Seasonal affective disorder
Separation and divorce
Sexual abuse
Sexual Violence
Suicidal thoughts
Terminal illness
Work related stress

Supervision & training

I also offer group and one to one Clinical Supervision to trainee therapists and professionals.

How I can Help